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At AKW, we understand the nature of every organisation and the level of individuality required for sustainable corporate success. We help build tailored solutions by strategically integrating effective people programmes and practices into day to day operations. Our approach includes streamlining HR structures, policies & procedures, job family model, talent management, compensation bench marking, HR analytics and metrics.




Some of the services provided by us


HR Strategy &Implementation


AKW helps you to move beyond administrative HR to strategic. Our experts at AKW define the components of strategic HR planning, including assessing current needs, forecasting the future, and supporting the overall organizational strategy and vision. We help you to implement your talent needs, and provide guidance on how to recruit, onboard, train, compensate, manage, and engage employees. We  tie training and other HR activities to business results and ROI—to show your leaders the true value of  HR


What We Offer

·         Tying HR to your company's vision and mission

·         Strategic planning

·         Measuring training program success

·         Creating culture



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Compensation & Benefits

To attract and retain top talent, it's crucial for organizations to get compensation and benefits benchmarking, when your employees feel that they're paid fairly for what they do, there's greater incentive for them to excel in the workplace.

AKW helps the organizations for developing a total rewards system ,policy and legal issues in developing pay structures, incentive plans, and benefit offerings.


What we Offer


·         Compensation Framework

·         Job Evaluation

·         Pay structures

·         External competitiveness in compensation and benefits

·         Incentive plans

·         Executive compensation

·         Employee benefits

·         Budgeting and communication


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Performance management

Performance management is a systematic and ongoing process and it should be tied to organizational goals. Consider your organization's strategy. If one strategic goal is to increase sales by 10%, your job is to ensure the organization has the human resources available to achieve that goal.

Performance management sets employees up for success. The sooner you can get started, the sooner they can be successful.

At AKW, we link performance parameters to business imperatives so that the results are quantifiable and are aligned to achieve organizational growth and support the company’s values and purpose.  We facilitate the translation of the business plans to action steps via Goal setting workshops. We also support clients in the design and deployment of the Balance Scorecard. Our role further includes cascading the goals and metrics to the workforce to ensure that each employee understands their role in achieving the organizations goals.


HR Policies



HR policy provides the necessary framework to manage people effectively in any organization. A policy provides ‘the rules’ that define how an organization operates on a daily basis in respect to its people. Procedures describe how to carry out or implement policies in a fair and transparent manner.


What we Offer


- We do the market benchmarking and comparator analysis of HR policies & procedures

- we designed the new HR policies & review and update the existing based on international best practice which is legally compliant to the regions law.

- We help the client in implementing & communicating the HR Policies to the employees


HR Audits

We undertake HR audits for varied organizations to facilitate them in adapting to the evolving policies, laws and best practices on a continuous basis. In start-up or small companies, we focus on bringing in the HR expertise to initiate discussions and introduce new processes. For more mature organizations, we conduct more comprehensive audits to improve the effectiveness of the HR function in line with the business strategy.


Change Management

Change is hard, but necessary for businesses to thrive and survive. As a leader or manager—can help implement new business processes and initiatives using organizational change management (OCM). We at AKW define the framework and techniques necessary to drive change .We helps you prepare, manage, and support the change process, outlining the five phases involved and the eight competencies required for success. We also help you to understand the stages of change on an individual level, so you can help team members and stakeholders adapt.


What we Offer

·         Creating a change plan

·         Communicating change

·         Implementing change

·         Managing risk

·         Reinforcing change

·         Evaluating the change

·         Guiding individuals through change


Employee Opinion survey


The backbone of an organization is its workforce. Organizations consistently seek insights about employee engagement to understand people related experiences that influence performance and productivity levels. To help companies evaluate employee engagement, AKW has a range of survey tools to measure various parameters for clients.

Our survey questions are validated and deployment is customized for maximum inclusivity, including administration in the local language where required. These surveys are conducted online or on site while ensuring complete confidentiality of the feedback and process. 


Assessment centre

We specialize in conducting customized competency based assessment and development centres to manage talent, develop competencies and identify high potential employees for our clients. The insights from these centres are used for succession planning and leadership development initiatives in the organization.

Participants undergo multiple assessment tools – simulations, role plays, case studies, and batteries of tests, some written, some psychometric, all of which are designed to assess parameters relevant to employee and company.

At the end, we provide practical, relevant feedback via one-on-one feedback sessions with the candidates to help them understand their strengths and areas of improvement. The feedback forms a strong foundation for the participants for their personal development action planning. Our assessors facilitate to construct individual development plans, design capability building plans and a training calendar for the participants.


Organization Design

In a constantly changing business climate, organizations need to continually evolve to retain their competitive edge in the market. At AKW we support our clients to adapt their organization design in line with their business context and organizational imperatives. We work with clients at varied points in their organization life cycle – start up, scaling to get rapid growth, well set but wishing to optimize and get greater benefits on productivity,  mature organization reinventing itself and addressing  cost and other issues, new entities created by M&A. At each of these points organisations need to review their structure and employment models.


We  will help you devise a structure that is aligned to the strategic direction of the company.  We can guide you through the process of organisation design with the aim being to improve communication, productivity and innovation.

We encourage you to remove all constraints and think about what would work best for the business.

From here it’s all about moving you towards your ideal position in a controlled way so as to ensure that you don’t de-rail your business.


Job Description

As part of our organization restructuring and design portfolio, we also work with clients to do job analysis and documentation of roles in job descriptions. We help our clients either develop a new job description framework or rationalize existing ones to accurately reflect a position's key job responsibilities and the essential skills, experience and competencies required for the job.

For some of our clients we conduct job description workshops where we provide a framework and facilitate the role holders to write their own job descriptions. These are further vetted and finalized by the functional heads and HR team.

The job descriptions also form inputs into Job Evaluation exercises and are reference documents for other HR processes viz. training, recruitment, performance management, competency and career paths.


Merger and Acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions include all aspects of organizations, such as, strategic management, corporate finance, human resources, information technology, operations, legal, sales and marketing, and research and development.

We help you craft your M&A strategy & integration  which is critical to M&A success, We design to create work streams to ensure efficiency, and how you can measure whether your efforts have been successful.


What we offer


Developing Merger & acquisition strategy 

Conducting effective due diligence

Establish integration work

Measuring integration success


Talent Management


At AKW, we offer high quality professional advice to ensure that our clients have the right pipeline of talented workforce ready to support the organization in realizing its strategic goals today and in the future. Our Talent Management practice area provides companies with the framework for attracting, developing, engaging, retaining and deployment of specific individuals with high potential and of strategic & critical value to the organization. Our approach to managing talent is based on the organization’s context, the industry & business environment as well as the nature of work and the skills required for the organization.

We also assist organizations in designing career progression frameworks especially covering individual contributor roles and provide norms that would allow for movement of jobs to the next level.

What We Offer

- Employee Career Progression

- Employee Succession Planning

- Employee Retention Scheme


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A financial statement audit is an independent appraisal of the financial statements prepared by the organization. The cardinal objective of a financial statement audit is to provide an independent assurance that the management has, in its financial statements, presented a “true and fair” view of a company’s financial performance. It adds credibility to the reported financial position and performance of the business.

Financial statement audits play a critical role in creating and maintaining investor confidence and can unlock valuable insights into the business.

We – AKW – believe that independent auditors perform the valuable role of being a trusted intermediary between the providers of business information and the users of that information. In the wake of the economic crises and scandals of the past few years, independent auditors are on the cusp of a transformative change. Stakeholders are demanding more transparency, and we are responding - changing how we operate, being proactive in listening to various stakeholders, and embracing analytics and cloud based technologies and new processes that are enabling us to make audit more relevant and continue to raise the bar on quality.


We strive towards high quality, independent financial statement audits, which are essential to maintaining investor confidence. AKW is committed to the greater interest and we seek to provide valuable insights based on a thorough understanding of an organization’s business and industry, and innovative audit methodologies and approaches.

If you would like to understand our core competencies and how we may contribute to your business growth then contact us at +971 56349 1978 or write to us at contact@akwconsultancy.com

Due diligence is an investigation or examination of a business or person prior to signing a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care. The investigation or examination could be carried out for a potential objective for merger, acquisition, privatization, or similar corporate finance transaction normally by a buyer. It can be a legal obligation, but the term will more commonly apply to voluntary investigations.

Looking at a target company’s relevant sources of value and risk can increase your chances for a successful transaction. Thorough due diligence is critical, including assessing risk and compliance issues, conducting tax and financial planning, determining cash flows, and identifying hidden costs.

AT AKW, we provide Due Diligence services, to a wide range of corporate and private equity clients. Our situational expertise is complemented by industry and functional experts from across AKW, to ensure our clients receive a seamless and flexible service for all their transactions. Some of the key areas of Due diligence, which we specialise in are as follows

Operational Due Diligence - For Corporates that are acquiring, value is typically realised in the form of synergies, or when they are disposing, from capturing and communicating effective value enhancement propositions for any entities being sold. For Private Equity clients, operational efficiencies and cost reduction continue to be a greater area of focus, both in the area of pre-deal due diligence and in their approach to managing the organisations under their ownership.

Acquisition Due Diligence - Whether you are looking to buy a business in an auction process, with exclusivity or making a speculative approach, you will maximise your ability to make the best informed investment decision if you have access to speedy analysis around the key issues. 

Vendor Due Diligence - Investors increasingly expect a greater degree of information before committing their own resources and capital to a sale, when selling your business or division it is essential that you demonstrate your company’s financial strength. We can help ensure that your vendor due diligence reports provide a consistent sales message, whilst maintaining a robust and independent view which will instil confidence in the potential buyers.


Our dedicated sell side professionals are adept at providing vendor due diligence services across a wide range of industries and clients.

We have a network of professionals, both in the UAE and across the globe, who can provide expert guidance to suit your individual needs and business challenges. Working closely with your team, we will help to identify and resolve issues in the divestment process and provide a vendor due diligence report which will enable you to retain control of the process and reduces disruption to the existing business. Our services normally go hand-in-hand with a managed sale process and controlled data room access. We will work with you to agree the scope of work, pulling in expertise as required from our wide range of specialists in the business (tax, operational, commercial, strategic, pensions, IT etc.)

Commercial Due Diligence - Our fast growing Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) team works to provide highly customised commercial transaction support to the M&A process of both private equity and corporate clients. Our rigorous methodology can investigate the following areas - Industry status quo and trends, Market environment, Company capabilities, Competitive landscape, Likelihood of achieving projections.

I.T. Due Diligence - IT is increasingly a key factor in enabling post deal business development initiatives, and successful integration and separation programmes. At AKW, we have a range of pre and post transaction core services, tailored to suit individual client’s challenges, to help ensure that IT is a successful enabler for the transaction lifecycle.

We regularly work with both corporate and private equity investors, on both the buy and sell-side of transactions, and on IPOs. We have a dedicated IT Due Diligence team and bring in specific technical and industry experts for each transaction from our extensive technology consulting business.
We work either as part of a combined diligence team, together with our financial, tax, operational, commercial, risk, cyber and other diligence colleagues, or on a standalone basis for our clients.




If you would like to find put more about our Due Diligence competence the contact us at +971 563491978 or write to us at contact@akwconsultancy.com

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity intended to add value and develop an organization’s operations. It helps an organization to achieve its objectives by bringing a methodical, meticulous and disciplined approach to assess and enhance the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. Internal Auditors’ roles include supervising, evaluating, investigating and analyzing organizational risk and controls; and reviewing and confirming information and compliance with policies, procedures, and laws. Working together with management, the internal auditors provide assurance that as far as possible risks are significantly reduced and that the organization’s corporate governance is forceful and capable. In addition, internal auditors make recommendations; when there is room for improvement.

With AKW's Internal Audit Solutions, you’ll have a partner who thinks about risk in the context of your business. We apply a business lens to your challenges and opportunities, and draw on our experience, sector insight and global business acumen to help you get more out of your investment in internal audit. Our sourcing solutions for internal audit can not only help improve your organization's internal financial, business and IT controls, but also turn your internal audit function into a strategic asset.

In an expanding risk landscape Internal Audit has emerged as a critical lever for change. Now, more than ever, it needs to rise to the challenge and demonstrate its value. At AKW, we are driving Internal Audit innovation merging the skills of our people with a robust, leading edge Internal Audit approach and state-of-the-art technology. We tailor our solutions to match the individual business needs of our clients. We help you look deeper and see further considering areas like your organisation’s culture and behaviours to help you improve and embed control. In short, we make sure every hour we spend working with you is impactful, addresses the right risks to add maximum value to your organisation.


For further information contact us at +971 563491978 or write to us at contact@akwconsultancy.com

Investigative Auditing consists of the detection, tracing, quantification and prevention of fraud, money laundering and terror finance. Investigative Auditing involves the examination of accounts and the use of accounting procedures to discover financial irregularities and to follow the movement of funds and assets in organizations.

An investigative audit is the same as a forensic audit. In forensic auditing, accountants with specialized knowledge of both accounting and investigation seek to uncover fraud, missing money, negligence and/or malfeasance. When fraud or theft is uncovered, the investigative auditor compiles evidence and is often asked to testify if the individual responsible for the theft is eventually prosecuted. In addition, an audit may be conducted to determine negligence or even to determine how much compensation a misconducted organisation will have to pay.

The Process followed by AKW


The investigation process follows a similar path as a regular audit of financial statements. The steps can include planning, review and a report. If the investigation was undertaken to discover the presence of fraud, evidence is presented to uncover or disprove the fraud and determine the amount of the damages suffered. The findings are presented to the client — and possibly the court should the case go that far.

During the planning stage, the forensic auditing team establishes objectives, such as identifying if fraud has been committed, how long it has been going on, the parties involved, quantifying the financial loss and providing fraud prevention measures. While gathering evidence, the team collects evidence in the proper manner in order for it to be used in a court case. There are various techniques used to gather evidence. A report is produced for the client with the findings. Lastly, those involved in the forensic audit may be asked to present their findings to the court.

AKW's Global Expert team led by expert Fraud investigaor, Faisal Ahmed, having 18+ years experience in KPMG, PwC London and HSBC MENA - has worked for several top MNC's and niche orhanisations. and uncovered several types of fraud. The most common involves theft, including cash, inventory and fraudulent payments. Another type of fraud is corruption, such as a conflict of interest, bribery and extortion. The last major category is financial statement fraud. This relates to misstatements of the financials of a company.


AKW has managed to undertake the global challenge of investigating the growing menace of frauds and white-collar crime in Global and SME business establishments. With vast experience in the field of forensic accounting and investigative audit for many decades, AKW's forensic investigation wing has educated over 500 business establishments on how to prevent, detect and investigate frauds and white-collar crimes, and promoted anti-fraud awareness to actively combat this growing menace. AKW also imparts education in the intricacies and practical aspects of forensic accounting, investigative audit and emerging issues and on how to align new business methods and technology with existing processes. The primary objectives being to put in place an appropriate and meaningful controls and practices to prevent any wrong. AKW is a one stop destination that provides complete Anti-Fraud Education to promote Fraud Risk Management Strategy for prevention, detection & investigation of frauds and white-collar crimes. 

For our valued clients this arm is a one stop destination for dispensing practical solutions and End-to-End strategies for combating frauds. AKW  focuses on Fraud Investigation, Forensic Accounting Support & Investigative Audit, Formulation of Fraud Risk Management Strategy, System Evaluation & ERP Application Analysis, Data Protection & IPR Audit, Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony. 

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