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AKW Tax Reclaim Accounting & Bookkeeping and AKW Global Consultancy are UAE headquartered firms providing specialist Tax Reclaim Accounting with Bookkeeping Services and niche consulting in the areas of People & Change Management and Governance, Risk, Regulatory, IT and Financial Crime Compliance.

Services offered by AKW has been listed below :

TAX Reclaim Accounting and Bookkeeping

Implementation, Accounting & Bookkeeping which includes the following :

The Government of UAE has implemented VAT with effect from 1st January 2018 and has commenced active engagement with business groups on the need to be ready for VAT. UAE is implementing VAT chargeable at the rate of 5%. VAT will impact every aspect of business operations, and businesses operating in the UAE needs to take immediate steps to become compliant with VAT Laws. They will need to adopt Implementation services in order to become VAT readyAKW is a specialist firm comprising seasoned accountants, tax experts and industry specialists. Our team works closely with clients to provide personalised support for VAT

  • Tax impact assessment of clients' operations
  • Interactive workshop to identify tax 'touch-points
  • Review VAT liability computations
  • Tax reclaim
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
People & Change Management

At AKW, we understand the nature of every organisation and the level of individuality required for sustainable corporate success. We help build tailored solutions by strategically integrating effective people programmes and practices into day to day operations. Our approach includes streamlining HR structures, policies & procedures, job family model, talent management, compensation bench marking, HR analytics and metrics

AKW is the International organization, headquartered in Dubai and catering primarily to the middle east, which has a team of experts who help organisations discover, nurture and realise the hidden potential within their workforce and entire business ecosystem. Our synchronised approach of innovative learning, talent and workforce solutions are proven to deliver performance. AKW is known to offer strategic and pervasive HR solutions that have led to realistic improvements in employee performance over real time. We customize solutions that includes the core HR modules which form the foundation of the Human Resource Information System.

We play a critical role by helping the organization formulate and implement its business plan and sync its core business functions to the desired needs of HR Solutions. With a holistic understanding of all the requirements for hiring and managing employees, our expert consultants at AKW can customize a solution to suit any company’s unique needs. Tremendous forces are radically reshaping the workplace. There are new organisational, talent, HR and technology challenges to be faced as business leaders wrestle with disruptive innovation, global trade, skills mismatches and the constant tests of risk and regulation. Organisations need to redefine the way work gets done and create innovative talent ecosystems that build engaged, enabled and agile workforces. And as they face the future we know that every organisation is different. Each has a unique history, culture, leadership style and capability set in its employees.

At AKW we strive to build tailored people and organisation solutions to help our clients achieve their strategic ambitions – reflecting their uniqueness but also grounded in rigorous analysis and data-driven insight – to create lasting, differentiated value.

Financial Services (FS) Consulting

AKW Global Consultancy provides Governance, Regulatory, Risk, IT and Financial Crime Compliance consulting services. Our team includes Big 4 and FS sector industry experts. We help Financial Institutions in building policies and procedures across all departments, delivery of specialist Anti Money Laundering projects, KYC Remediation, Fraud Risk Management, Due Diligence, and Information Security consulting.

As one of the world’s premier corporate strategy consulting firms, AKW helps leading enterprises develop, build, and operate strong businesses that deliver sustained shareholder value growth. We look at strategy from the “outside in,” finding strategic insight through a robust understanding of current and future customer priorities. We harness thought leadership in the areas below to deliver breakthrough recommendations to clients.

  • Workshop in Anti Money Laundering Training and Regulations
  • Fraud Management Training
  • Risk Management and Solution
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Corporate Center and Shared Services

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