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Business Valuation - Ascertaining the value of a transaction and to advise on business deals is the focus of this service. We offer a complete range of business valuation, investor pitching, audit assistance, funding and mergers & acquisition services. Our experience is extensive with international exposure in both MNC as well as family-business based environments.

All businesses, small and large require sound financial management and controls systems in place. Our strategic financial management helps in: 

• Financial management consultancy 

• Operation management consultancy

• Internal & external financial re-construction 

• Audit and Internal Controls

• Guidance on Working Capital Management

• Risk Analysis of Investments


• Implementation of Cost Control and Cost Reduction Policies

• Guidance for Price Fixation

Business process re-engineering is the analysis and redesign of workflows within and between enterprises in order to optimize end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks. We provide advisory or consulting services and solutions to start-ups as well as established companies and organizations of all sizes. The market intelligence based consulting we provide is a unique support for our clients strategic planning and operative decisions. Our process experts shall review and benchmark your business processes against best practices and recommend changes in the processes to eliminate non-value added tasks.

AKW Global Consultancy is now the leading management advisory firm in the UAE. Our passion to empower the local business market and expertise to help foreign investors in company formation that grow their portfolio has helped us become a respected name in the Middle East. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals, SMEs, and corporations with business setup and gaining access to consultation, management, and resources that can drive value.

At AKW, our mission is to guide SMEs and assist entrepreneurs in finding business opportunities that can drive value in their business. Starting a business venture in the UAE is an attractive proposition for many foreign investors. As UAE now entertains 100% foreign ownership, company registration is easy and business setup could provide limitless opportunities to leverage on. This is where AKW can help your foreign investment become a successful, sustainable business in the UAE by acting as the backbone of your business venture.

Our key strengths lie in professionalism and competence that helps us deliver the desired results to our clients on-time and on-budget. Get started with a service package for your individual or business needs that can help you take advantage of the dynamic business market in Dubai!


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